Econ Majors launch PESO Week; SABM celebrates 27th NSM

By Shaira Ocampo & Ali Aswegui | Photo taken by Nicole Meredith Buclao

With the recent national commitment to pursue the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, the Business Economics Department and the Progressive Economists Solidarity Organization (PESO) initiated different activities to rejoice the 27th National Statistics Month (NSM), October 18-22, with the theme: “Sustainable Development: Making Statistics Count,” at the Devesse Lobby, Saint Louis University Maryheights Campus.

The NSM recognizes the efforts of youth organizations in promoting statistics through a competition for the Best Youth Advocate for Statistics and Best Statistical Activities. Last year’s NSM Celebration earned PESO the Best Statistical Activity by Private Organization award last October 3-4 at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Mandaluyong City during the National Convention for Statistics.

The opening program marked the jumpstart of the NSM Exhibit, showcasing the infographics display of statistical data from the Regional Statistical Committee, spearheaded by the Philippine Statistics Authority-CAR (PSA-CAR) and Poster display of academic papers written by alumni of Business Economics.

The event highlighted a symposium regarding the importance of statistics in measuring the progress of the nation towards achieving sustainable development goals as defined by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Illustrious speakers, Mr. Aldrin Federico R. Bahit Jr., Officer in Charge-Division Chief on Statistical Operation and Coordination, and Dr. Gladys M. Navarro from The School of Accountancy and Business Management presided the talks about Environmental Accounting and SDGs.

Bahit encouraged the business community and all stakeholders affected to take part in the proper accounting for the effects of their business activities and in the implementation of the sustainable development goals.

Dr. Navarro discussed value and supply chains, the flow of resources, how they were acquired and how should be properly utilized.

“If businesses will account for the effects of their economic activities efficiently and effectively, they will be able to track their progress in helping to achieve these sustainable goals; such will also help them to improve their commercial operations, taking into account the least degrading impact of such to the environment (Mr. Jonel Q. Habon from PESO, reemphasizing Bahit’s point).”

The week-long celebration included a series of competitions like Digital Poster Making, Eco-graph Making and Triple M- Stat Quiz Bee.

The organization also conducted an exhibit presenting statistical facts such as poverty, education, vegetable exports, and the Human Development Index of the Cordillera region. Nationally recognized research papers of economics students that served as entries for the Young Economists’ Convention were also included.

The awarding of certificates and prizes to winners and participants concluded the event.

This annual event is held in observance with the Presidential Proclamation No. 647 which declares the month of October of every year as the National Statistics Month signed by the late President Corazon C. Aquino on September 20, 1990.


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