SABM Officers vow to Serve Commercians

“There is nothing greater in this world than service,” Reverend Father Jaime Doctolero told the newly elected officials during the induction held at Saint Aloysius Gonzaga Chapel, Saint Louis University Main Campus on October 24.

The event officially started with the procession of the leaders; Governor Carlos Gabriel Blanco and duly designated representatives of the school-based organizations represented the School of Accountancy and Business Managements’ assembly.

The ceremony highlighted the homily of Rev. Fr. Doctolero on service. He said, “We are here because of the people who voted for you. Service connotes power, honor, and authority; of service, also means that leaders must be kind and compassionate to their constituents.”

After the sermon, they formally swore to serve Pamilya Komersiyo to the best of their abilities as leaders. “We will do our best, hindi masasayang ang boto niyo at hindi namin kayo susukuan,” said second year representative, Luwinda Goyone.

Outgoing KASAMA-SSC President Prince Wacnang delivered his three-point keys to the new set of officers: aspire new leaders that are greater than you, do not implement cliché projects (plans that do no impact to the students), and that the KASAMA-SSC is not a separate entity from the students. “I wish you well in your journey,” he said as a departing statement.

To conclude it, the newly elected president, Jeremy Rimando, presented his secretaries to whom problems of students will be directed and a short speech encouraging all leaders to regain back the trust of students through a better leadership, “Panahon na ng pagbabago at panahon na ng pagharap ng bagong bukas,” he said.


by Ali Awegui

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