Colors of Mission: Lantern Parade Sentiments

Shaira’s Vantage Point

December feels with my friends.

Bright lights and colors greeted the first day of December in Baguio City as SLU launched its 7th annual Lantern Parade – a tradition for the townspeople and Louisian community alike.

The verandas of Beans Talk, Jollibee and McDo along Session Road were filled as early as 2 pm.

People entertained themselves by drawing lines and figures on the road with chalks in their hands. Even Porta Vaga lit its Christmas lights that day.

SABM, against all the other seven school and the Laboratory Elementary and High Schools, represented the vast country of Congo as part of the CICM countries.

Performances followed at the Athletic Bowl. We roared adamantly for Pamilya Komersiyo. The performance was exquisite! The sky was painted with fireworks thanks to the support of the City Government. We can feel the positivity. Perhaps this is the year that SABM would rise.

When results came, we were nervous and then … SOM illuminated as champions, followed by… SEA … STELA … SNS … and … Lab High.

Well, there are still special awa … “Best in Mothern Lantern- SOL; Most Energetic- SEA; Most Disciplined- LES; Best in Costume- SEA; Best in Parade Concept- SOM…” Ouch!

Heart-breaking. We can’t win ‘em all.

Clarence’s Vantage Point

December feels by myself.

Well, it sucked waiting in Melvin Jones eating Shawarma for an hour only to know 15 minutes before the parade that the indulging performances will be at the Athletic Bowl.

I decided to swim the sea of sardine-ish people in Session Road to get an up close view of the lanterns near the Jesus statue at Luneta Drive.

I gleefully saw the SABM performers because some of them were my friends. But then, they went on to parade and I suddenly felt lonely.

Minutes passed. Before the entrance of the Athletic Bowl, I took a pause and looked closely at the parents with their children, siblings chatting and friends eating together.

That’s when I realized – It would be insignificant to my happiness whatever the result would be for Pamilya Komersiyo. Win or lose, the best way to join The Lantern Parade is to spend it with the people you love the most.

I no longer watched to know the results because I wanted to go home where family is.

I hope SABM realizes that it has already won before the results came in because we, commercians love each other enough to start our own Christmas events and gather strongly as a generation of financially literate individuals. We are not just business students, we are Pamliya Komersiyo!



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