DHs eye Extension Programs

Department Heads of the School of Accountancy and Business Management who took office starting August 1, aim to strengthen research and extension programs for the current Academic Year.

Saint Louis University is a tri-focal Catholic school, having three thrusts, i.e. Instruction, Research, and Extension that guide stakeholders towards achieving the institution’s vision and mission.

Entrepreneurship, Human Resource, and Management Department Head Adelberto Arreola said that the university is not only focused in teaching but also in applying the results of researches for helping communities through extension programs.

Some of these programs conducted were from the Financial Management Department currently being led by Dr. Bienvenido Beray in partnership with the Economics Department, Hotel & Tourism Management (HTM) Department, and The School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts (STELA). This aims to help cooperatives of Baguio City in assessing their growth and be able to use their financial statements information for better management of the coops.

EHM department has also steered another program to help Tuba Municipality by teaching Local Government Unit employees on how to effectively assess the needs of the community and efficiently develop objectives and plans.

Dean Reynaldo Bautista foresees that these kinds of projects will be more successful in the coming years because of the five-day workweek policy allowing the use of Mondays for their implementation as most partners are government agencies.

For now, all departments are still waiting for the go signal of CHED for the revision of the curriculum due to K-12. “In the meantime, it is still pending. If the new syllabus will be released, then the school will comply with it,” said Dr. Beray.

In addition, the Accountancy Department Head Allan Frank Silva seeks for the results of a technical working group proposal. Four certificates will be acquired by the accounting students before graduating. These are the Accounting Information System (AIS), Internal Audit, Management Accounting (MA) and Accounting (AC) instead of the current three credentials: Associate in Accounting Technology (AAT), MA, and AC.

By: Ali Aswegui

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