SLU implements E-Classcards

Starting this 2nd semester, Saint Louis University discarded the classic orange class cards to make room for electronic ones in addition to the new features of the iSLU Portal. Students can now monitor their class attendance online through the upgraded portal which now features a school calendar, an announcement board, a constantly updating statement of... Continue Reading →


Blanco to implement more projects

Governor Carlos Gabriel Blanco expects to implement more projects starting this 2nd semester of Academic Year 2016-2017. During the 1st semester of the academic year, the SSC implemented projects and assisted the administration to aid Commercians. Developments led by the Council include the updating of the SSC bulletin board, set-up of the KASAMA/SSC-SABM Students Concern... Continue Reading →

SSC eyes Sports Fest reform; Pursues Varsity ‘Drafting’

Mainly to avoid the notion of ‘unfair and biased recruitment’ of the School of Accountancy and Business Management (SABM) varsity players, the KASAMA-SSC SABM Assembly decided to ‘draft’ the SABM players last Thursday, February 9. Unlike the NBA/PBA drafting wherein the teams will choose their players, the members of the SABM Men’s and Women’s Volleyball... Continue Reading →

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