Blanco to implement more projects

Governor Carlos Gabriel Blanco expects to implement more projects starting this 2nd semester of Academic Year 2016-2017.

During the 1st semester of the academic year, the SSC implemented projects and assisted the administration to aid Commercians.

Developments led by the Council include the updating of the SSC bulletin board, set-up of the KASAMA/SSC-SABM Students Concern page, Paskong Komersiyo, and administrative assistance. However, the 1st semester Student Quality Circle Training 2.0 intended for SABM leaders was not executed due to budgetary and time constraints.

Some were not contented with their role enactment. A 4th year Accountancy student said, “Wala pa akong nakikita talaga sa mga sinabi nila na projects noong election at hindi rin continuous ‘yung implementation ng projects of the last SSC.”

She further added that, “They should have instigated a job fair at the campus before internship to aid the students.” This was a platform that did not materialize.

Thus, the head of the council assured that they will do their best still in fulfilling their duties to address the immediate needs of students.

The improvements expected to be carried out this semester are the construction of the comfort room dividers for gentlemen, SABM Convergence, SABM Week and Night, school Sports Fest, Arts Fest, and SABM Got Talent.

The installation of CR dividers is likely to start in May. Official dates for other events will be announced.

Regarding transparency, Blanco said, “They are free to disclose any information we can to those who ask. As a matter of fact, the EXECOM has already created a committee for the job.”

“All we need is your support, participation and involvement; to see and to hear the students be concerned with what happens in our school goes a long way,” he closed.

By: Ali Aswegui |  Photo by Angela Rillera14900438_1133462770035049_269367844816499167_n

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