SLU implements E-Classcards

Starting this 2nd semester, Saint Louis University discarded the classic orange class cards to make room for electronic ones in addition to the new features of the iSLU Portal.

Students can now monitor their class attendance online through the upgraded portal which now features a school calendar, an announcement board, a constantly updating statement of accounts. The site also notifies the user of matters needing prompt action.

They can also enter information regarding their absences on the portal from any internet source before proceeding to the Student Affairs Office (SAO) for clearance. A more detailed list of steps for the new clearance process was posted outside SAOs.

The change also affected the instructors, who no longer have to go the Student Affairs Office to drop class cards. “I’m very happy that SLU is slowly doing something about this,” says Mrs. Elvira Dacayo, an instructor of SLU since 1993, who welcomes the change.

According to her, despite the automation, the process still requires a great deal of discipline from the faculty to regularly encode the absences incurred by their students.

She also raised few things to improve on such as notification to the faculty if the student has incurred the maximum number of absences and access to the portal on social media sites which students frequent. But nevertheless, the instructor sees the change as a huge help.

The development, however, was not exactly held in high regard by some Louisians. A 4th year BS Management Accounting student experienced the clearance process firsthand and was not very satisfied with it.

“I think it would have been better if all the students were oriented on what to do,” said the student, unaware of the online attendance monitoring and the steps associated with the clearance process when he experienced an issue wherein the portal failed to accept the encoded reasons for absences.

Another issue allegedly experienced by some users of the portal was the incorrect order of students in class rosters.

Aside from the changes in the portal and automated class cards, a few things were also improved during the enrollment period such as the leap through the assessment process and the scanning of IDs for validation in place of ID Validation Slips to hasten the enrollment.

By: Manuel Garvida Yao

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