SABM SSC to promote transparent governance

Through the initiative of the KASAMA/SSC Executive Committee in mandating transparency, SABM SSC aims to promote a transparent assembly regarding their budget allocations and expenditures throughout the Academic Year 2016-2017.

Third year Mayor John Robert Ginez stated that they will apply transparency by showing the breakdown of their budget for the academic year through their Facebook page or in the bulletin boards of the school.

“Actually, we’re on the process of everything. As long as we finalize all of the allotments of our budget we will show to all of you the breakdown of every single peso and centavo, so as to achieve transparency in the SABM community,” he said.

The council was given an aggregate budget of Php 110, 000 to be used for the planned programs and projects.

The budget was expected to be spent for second semester projects including plans in the previous semester which were cancelled due to the delay in the releasing of fund.

“We have 110 thousand to spend for this semester. We don’t have any expenditures last sem [because] our funds were delayed for the last semester because of the strict releasing of funds and giving a no project made for the last semester,” Ginez added.

One of the projects that will be pushed through this semester is the SABM Convergence that will happen on March 6 which was originally scheduled in the first semester.

Article by Mc Kristian Balbalosa |  Illustration by Anthony Alferes



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