Enriquez, Escaler resign from SSC

Two KASAMA/SSC officers from SABM handed their resignation at the beginning of the second semester.

Enriquez handed her resignation letter because of her OJT in an establishment in Baguio City causing a hectic schedule for her. Since the Secretary of Finance’s duty is mostly to process papers for funds, it would be more strategic to hand the position to someone with a more favorable schedule.

She added that she only focused on the first semester and failed to consider the circumstances that will affect her schedule for the second semester. Enriquez says she feels sorry for those who voted for her because she cannot continue her duties and responsibilities as the Secretary for Finance.

The said position primarily handles if not all, most finance matters of the SSC. Secretary of Finance is the custodian of all KASAMA/SSC funds and coordinates most of the time with the University Treasurer. With the position temporarily vacant, affairs of the SSC will be at halt.

Michelle Bernardino, a third year Legal Studies Student, was chosen by President Jeremy Rimando to fill in the position, but is yet to be formally appointed by the Congress at the moment of writing.

Rimando said he chose Bernardino to be appointed as Acting Secretary of Finance because she was a former Accountancy student and has background of what the finance secretary’s duties are. Furthermore, Rimando added that her attending classes in the Main Campus makes it more efficient in processing papers with the University Treasurer.

Second resignee was the 5th year Vice Mayor Daryl Escaler since he already graduated last January.

Escaler was previously elected at the SABM assembly three years ago saying, “The sense of fulfillment I got was one of a kind. It doesn’t matter how long you serve, but how you do it well.”

Moreover, Escaler added that the short time span pushed him to make the best out of it. “I was definitely satisfied by my performance as 5th year Vice Mayor.”

According to 3rd-5th year representative, Bianca Fontanilla, the position is still vacant at the moment of writing.

Resignations due to one graduating and/or with hectic schedules at mid-school year are not uncommon in the office. Under Article 2, Section 1 of the By-Laws of SSC which elaborates the qualifications of candidates for KASAMA/SSC, there are no expressly stated prohibitions regarding graduating students and those with incoming OJT mid school year. Because of the absence of such prohibitions, the candidates could still push through with submitting their Certificates of Candidacy (COC) even though they are graduating or would be having a hectic schedule.

The Congress of Louisians was vested with the power to update internal student policies (Art 5, Sec 3 of the KASAMA/SSC Constitution) including the power to amend the requirements of candidacy for elections, although both the Congress and COMELEC have conflicting interpretations with regards to the prohibition of students mentioned earlier.

As of writing, COMELEC is on the process of furnishing a Resolution to further expand and explain the provisions of the CBL.

Article by Anisha Myrdell Liwas; Photo by Angela Rillera



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