COL approves SABM’s 110K Budget

The Congress of Louisians passed a budget resolution last January 30 that gives the University Council a green light to use its 2nd semester budget totaling Php 2,200,000.

35.46% of the total budget was allocated to school assemblies and SABM Assembly received the amount of Php 110,000 representing a 14.10% of the apportioned sum.

According to Governor Gabriel Blanco, it will be used to organize activities and projects in accord with their strategic plan this semester which was submitted to the Congress during appropriations.

“We plan to use it (budget) for the activities this semester, including the activities that were not able to do last semester and some tangible projects. We will have SABM Sports Fest, SABM Got Talent, EXECOM open forum, SABM Week and SABM Night, and we will also create floor evacuation plans,” he added.

He further explained that due to some constraints in both the finance and the EXECOM, some of their submitted projects were kept on hold until it was too late to execute it last semester. He said that for their part, they were really doing their best to produce projects but it was different from what they were hoping especially on the issue of distance from Bakakeng to Main Campus.

However, he quickly assured that they were doing their best to deliver these projects this semester. “Despite all the constraints we’re having and all the problems we’re facing, every free time I have was given to SSC. Sacrifices were being made,” he closed.

Meanwhile, Bianca Fontanilla, Head of Committee on Budget, said that the appropriations for this semester took a little bit longer than last sem. “The appropriation this semester went through multiple revisions due to the changing proposals and demands,” she further added.

“I encourage all the schools, organizations, and publications to utilize their budgets efficiently and properly for the benefit of the studentry,” she concluded.

The Congress also allocated 34.17% to KASAMA/SSC Central Offices, 17.68% to School Publications, and 12.68% to University wide organizations.

SABM’s official publication, The Pinion, was allocated 29.56% for a total of Php 115,000.00.

Article by Syrile Nolasco





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