Pamilya Komersiyo honors excellent students

The Society of Integrated Commercians for Academic Progress together with the KASAMA/SSC SABM Assembly hosted Gawad Komersiyo to recognize and award excellent commercians, May 12 at the Devesse AVR.

The activity with the theme, Praeclãrum: A Mark of Nobility and Remarkability, aims to laud students who demonstrated excellence in the different categories of competition and who established good personality as a student of the university.

There were identified and qualified 465 awardees including the advisers or coaches of different events. 121 of them were honesty awardees for the first and second semester of the academic year 2016-2017. They were the students who demonstrated pleasant personalities by returning lost items to their rightful owners to the Student Affairs Office.

For undergraduates who also showed their talents in various categories such as in dance, drama, music, sports, and academic competitions, they were given accolades. Commercian Bon Wilbert Fernando was hailed as the Athlete of the Year for his various contributions and honors brought to the community.

Leadership awards and recognitions were also given to the presidents of the diverse organizations and to the head of the SSC assembly Governor Carlos Gabriel Blanco for their aids to the SABM community and to the administration.

Dean Reynaldo Bautista, Associated Dean April Gumnad, and faculties were invited to grant the certificates to the deserving students.

Article by Ali L. Aswegui | Photo by Abegail Angeles

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