SSC postpones SABM Night

The Supreme Student Council postponed the SABM Night, an acquaintance event for Pamilya Komersiyo, which was supposed to be held on May 5.

SABM Vice- Governor Alexander Alangdeo cited two compelling reasons for the deferred activity. He said that the preparation for the Spirits 2017 was tedious and has required more time. Thus, it resulted to as a heavy constraint in the planning and execution of the awaited occasion.

Also, the council has yet to prepare and submit some of the liquidation reports for their past activities and projects. Laying such documents to the Executive Committee was important for the release of funds to able the student assembly in conducting their planned undertakings.

Alangdeo and the current officers, however, established at least some dates and ways on how to pursue it such as piloting it during the short term. Conversely, the time frame was not possible because some of the student leaders will be graduating this coming June leaving the SSC short on manpower. The vice-governor took the advice from the Dean of Student Affairs Office, Mr. Andrew Macalma, to take rest from directing the endeavor.

Therefore, the possibility of implementation of it will now be on the hands of the next set of KASAMA/SSC officers during the first semester of the academic year 2017-2018.

SABM Night was inspired by the social events such as the SEA Night from the School of Engineering and Architecture and other schools.

Article by Ali L. Aswegui | Illustration by Anthony Alferes

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