“Some people will have high expectations from you because you are a topnotcher and it is up to you on how will you respond to it.” (Realizations on being a topnotcher)


2014 was the year when the lowest national/overall passing rate was recorded at 31%. During the same year, SLU’s performance, which was 44%, made a 13% difference in contrast with the national/overall rating which was the second highest difference from 2007 to 2016. Also, the scheduled month of examination was moved from May to July.

SLU’s top performance were for the October CPA Licensure examinations for the year 2011, 2012, and 2014 with 62%, 61%, and 60% passing rates, respectively. Moreover, the highest difference of passing rate between SLU and national/overall was recorded at +23% on October 2014, the difference between 60% (171 passers out of 287 takers) and 37% (4,123 passers out of 11,137 takers), respectively.

From 2012 to 2014, there are topnotchers every year, and I hope this will set a trend for the coming years.” (Significant changes for a decade)



The October 2014 CPA Licensure Examination held the largest number of Louisian passers. Norizza Toribio Caliging was among the 171 Louisians who passed.  She ranked sixth among the 11, 137 takers with a rating of 89.57%. She is a Certified Public Accountant currently working as a Senior Associate of SGV & Co.

Young as she was, she already earned praises and awards for her unrelenting dedication and countless accomplishments. Hailing from La Trinidad, Benguet, Noriza graduated as valedictorian in elementary and finished her secondary education with honors at the Cordillera Regional Science High School. And in college, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Saint Louis University. Her love for mathematics led her to embark on a career in accountancy. She also chose to study at SLU because of its quality education. Ms. Lerma Bautista was her remarkable teacher as she was her instructor in most of her accounting subjects.

There are stages in life where one must break out of his/her comfort zone and face challenges. Back in her college days, she also had her setbacks. She had her struggles in public speaking and had her lowest grade of 83% in Auditing Problems, but these didn’t impede her from pursuing her goals.

She had her lowest rating in Business Laws and Taxation, and Auditing Problems on the board exam, but eventually her Management Services was her highest rating among all the subjects. Moreover, she was part of the top 20 during her review for the board exam.  Some of the outright benefits of being a topnotcher that she could think of were job offers, certificates, and cash prizes.


“Just do your best always, and believe in yourself that someday you will be able to achieve your dream of being a CPA.” (Advice to students)

Focus on your review and your goal of being a CPA.” (Tips while reviewing)

“Believe in yourself and remember that you have prepared for this for almost five years.  Pray for guidance, and that you will remember all the things you have learned for the past five years.” (Message to the next CPA board exam takers)

My family and my dream of being a successful individual.” (Motivation in life)

“Aim high, strive harder.”

“Do your best and God will do the rest.”

Written by: Josiah De Guzman Bito

Digital Art by: Stephanie Dulay Sierra


Special thanks to Nicole Meredith Galce Buclao, Beverly Anne Guadaña Castro, and Rinette Ambrose Dizon Cura


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