Maryheights reinforces ‘No-Eating’ Policy

An advisory was posted throughout the campus requesting all the faculty members and staff to remind the students of a provision in the university handbook regarding the prohibition of eating inside classrooms, laboratories, and libraries.

The ‘no-eating’ policy refers to Chapter IV, A. Conduct in the School, of the university handbook 2015 Edition which states: “The following acts or omissions are deemed improper student conduct for which a student may be subject accordingly to disciplinary action, to wit: 6. Eating inside the classroom during class hours or in the laboratories or libraries at any time.”

Students who are caught violating the said provision would be given a warning for their 1st offense. Repeat offenders are subject to reprimand or censure for their 2nd violation and reprimand or censure to suspension for the 3rd.

To date, there have been no reports of violators caught and subjected to disciplinary action as concerns the School of Accountancy and Business Management.

The notice dated October 22, 2016 was signed by SABM Associate Dean for Accountancy and Business Laws & Taxation Marc Oliver B. Castañeda and noted by Dean Reynaldo S. Bautista.

According to Castañeda, there was a need to remind the faculty and students of the provision to maintain the cleanliness inside the classroom. “A lot of times, students eat inside the classroom and do not clean up as they go.”

The provision, which came as a shock to some, garnered mixed sentiments from the student populace. Angelica Austria, a 4th year BSBA Financial Management student, criticizes the provision. “I think students have different styles of focusing in class and one of them could be eating while listening,” she said.

While the students gave varied feedbacks, the maintenance personnel welcomed the rule. Rodel Nepumoceno, who has been assigned at the Maryheights campus for four years, says that ever since the notice was communicated, the cleanliness of the classrooms after use has improved.

Article by Manuel Garvida Yao \ Poster by Anthony Alferes

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