“I realized that nothing is impossible for someone who believes and wants to achieve greatness and excellence if he adds hard work, focus, and commitment to it.” (Realization on being a topnotcher)


May 2017 specifically sets a decade period since May 2007. SLU’s performance of 56.77% this May 2017 is the sixth highest passing rate of SLU in a decade. This period was one of the two May CPA board examinations when SLU had its highest passing rates among the top six periods. Comparing the national/overall performance and SLU’s, this had been the second highest difference of +22% where SLU got 57% compared to 35%.

 “At least there had been an improvement in the list of our topnotchers. I hope to see more names in the next decades.” (Significant changes for a decade)



Every day is a new beginning, a fresh start, and another chance to correct our mistakes and failures done and undone in the past. Indeed, no one can judge a person based on his past only. As the saying goes, expect the unexpected.

For a decade period of May 2007-2017 CPA Board Examinations, there were eight Louisian topnotchers. Kevin Cuti Bango, coming from Lagawe, Ifugao,  was one of them. His 91.33% rating made him top 5 of the May 2017 CPA Board Exam. Among the eight Louisian topnotchers, he was one of the four topnotchers who had 90% and above rating.

During the enrollment, he was supposed to enroll in an Engineering Program. Even though he had no idea of the track of becoming a CPA during that time, he changed his program to accountancy at the last minute.

During college, his struggle was passing Political Science 1 (Politics and Governance with Philippine Constitution). His hard work and perseverance were tested. He didn’t give up on the said subject and he eventually passed it on his third take. He even experienced having a 65% grade on a term. These challenges built his character and made him to become who he is right now. When asked if he regrets something in his life, he asserted, “I don’t regret anything in my life, even the bad choices I made, because those decisions taught me and helped me to achieve my goals in life.” He said that Ma’am Bernadette Adelaida Cope was his most remarkable teacher. “Ma’am Cope was my teacher in Accounting 202 (Financial Accounting 2) and P1 review (Accounting 602: Integrated Course on Financial Accounting Theory and Practice). At first, she didn’t like me because oftentimes, I failed to attend her classes. In spite of that, she somehow acknowledged my skills. During my review in SLU, she believed in me even though I was not excelling on my subjects. That’s why I am very thankful to her who believed that I could still do much more. Thank you Ma’am!,” he added. His motivations in life are GOD, his family, his friends and his failures.

“I got delayed for a short-term and graduated without Latin honors,” he explained. That’s why he invested his time to review for the board exam twice to have more time to study and prepare. On his first review in Review School of Accountancy (ReSA), he ranked 200+th place and 568th place on the first and final pre-board examinations, respectively. On his second review also in ReSA, he ranked first place and fifth place on the first and final pre-board examinations, respectively.

To avoid the stress of waiting for the results, he turned off his gadgets. But his siblings were called by their cousins relaying that he was one of the topnotchers of the May 2017 CPA Board Exam. He got his highest rating on Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting (AFAR) and a low rating on Regulatory Framework for Business Transactions (RFBT).


 “Alam ko marami sa atin ang nahihirapan sa accounting, lalo na kapag sumabay pa sa mga mabibigat na problema natin sa buhay. All of us have problems but don’t allow it to hinder us to succeed. Let us learn to handle them well so that these problems may not affect our studies. Marami siguro sa atin ay nasubukan nang bumagsak, nasubukan ko rin naman. Failing is not really a bad thing as long as you don’t put it to waste. Learn from it and make it a ticket in fulfilling your goals. Sabi nga nila, ‘Failure is a part of the success equation,’ kaya wag sana tayong susuko just because we failed some subjects. Someday those failures would bring you to where you want to be so don’t let it break you. Finally, mahirap maging CPA, it requires a lot of time and efforts kaya mag-aral kayong mabuti. Learn to focus on your goals. And if along the way, you find it really hard to cope up with your studies, try changing your ways but never change your goal!” (Pieces of advice to students)

“Focus is the key. Don’t be distracted. Commit to your schedules. Surround yourself with supportive people.” (Tips while reviewing)

“When answering questions, always make it a habit to use concepts in answering.” (Message to the next CPA board exam takers)

“Don’t put a limit to yourself. Be the best that you can be.”

Written by: Josiah De Guzman Bito

Digital Art by: Stephanie Dulay Sierra


 Special thanks to Tiffany Alexis Rivera Catbagan, Kimberly Mae Joy Frendol Estepa, and Rinette Ambrose Dizon Cura



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