“This is something that another topnotcher told me: ‘We have an inherent obligation to inspire.’ This made me realize that when you are a topnotcher, many eyes are looking at you for various reasons and that I should take this chance to light the world in my own little ways, perhaps starting by inspiring them to pursue excellence in all that they will do.” (Realizations on being a topnotcher)


October 2013 garnered the fourth highest difference (+17%) of SLU’s passing rate of 58% compared with the national/overall passing rate of 41%. Moreover, SLU’s performance of 58% (111 passers out of 192 takers) was the fifth highest passing rate for the period of May 2007-2017.

“The 2007 batch was very good. What was their secret? Our school is still known for its quality education. Let us keep the light burning.” (Significant changes for a decade)



Out of the 10,396 takers of the October 2013 CPA Licensure Examination, a Louisian graduate landed sixth place. Klyne Ally Songgay Peralta was one of the 111 Louisian passers last October 2013. Her rating of 91.71% made her one of the four topnotchers with 90% and above rating for the period of 2007-2017. Like the October 2014 and October 2012 Louisian topnotchers, she is also from La Trinidad, Benguet. She graduated first honorable mention in elementary and valedictorian in high school. Her first encounter with Accounting was in high school when she joined a project proposal and prepared the financial statements for the project. Little did she know that this would be the career that she would follow. She took the entrance examination in SLU pursuing the Chemical Engineering program and she only changed it into the Accountancy program during the enrollment following her mom’s recommendation. According to her, she does not regret choosing the Accountancy program as she learned to love it in the process.

She became an Associate Auditor of Navarro Amper & Co. and had the opportunity to join a short-term secondment as Staff Assistant Auditor of Deloitte in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At present, she is a Senior Auditor of Navarro Amper & Co.

Her lowest grade in college was Accounting 603 which is an Integrated Course on Advanced Accounting Theory and Practice. She also had difficulty in Auditing Problems which prompted her to double her effort on the subject when the review classes started. During her review, she was also part of the top 10. Taxation and Practical Accounting II (Advanced Accounting) were the subjects which she got low ratings, while Auditing Problems was the subject which she got her highest rating. Surprisingly, the HR representative of SGV & Co. was the first one who told her that she was one of the topnotchers. Some of the outright benefits she received were recognitions and financial rewards. The more intangible benefits would, of course, be making your parents and the people you care happy and proud.


“They say that you can actually distinguish a Louisian CPA from other CPAs because we reflect a high level of competence without being too proud. ‘Silent worker,’ and ‘Tahimik pero magaling’ are some of the descriptions that I hear. I hope that we continue to strive for excellence, yet keep our feet on the ground. Strive little by little, day by day, and reach out towards your dreams. Consistency is the key. See you in practice soon!” (Pieces of advice to students)

“Pray. Pray. Pray. Lay down your study plan and try to stick with it. Work within your optimum time (if you are a morning person, wake up early to maximize your energy). Do not overdo it. The brain can only absorb so much.” (Tips while reviewing)

“You did your best in the review. When you take the exams, pray for calmness and clarity of mind so that the ones that you studied will come to you. Do not discuss answers after the exams as this will affect your succeeding exams and peace of mind. Do not worry unnecessarily.” (Message to the next CPA board exam takers)

“I am an internally motivated person, so I might say I am motivated by my principles in life.” (Motivation in life)

“The intellect is good but until it has become the servant of the heart, it is of little avail.”

Written by: Josiah De Guzman Bito

Digital Art by: Stephanie Dulay Sierra


Special thanks to Clarence Arvin Vistro Cacal, Abegail Nasol Angeles, and Rinette Ambrose Dizon Cura


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