Financial Matters: How to claim your University Insurance?

Students face daily risks within and outside of the university, accidents can happen anytime at any place. Thus, at such emergencies, savings for education and other basic expenses are being sacrificed. Well, there is a way to recoup your reserves; through insurance claims. Let us then answer some of the basic questions and confusions received... Continue Reading →


Congress approves SABM’s 36K budget for 2nd semester

“Madugo.” This is how Richard Ricaña, the Deputy House Speaker of the Congress of Louisians and SABM Representative, described the budget appropriations which lasted for three days from January 22 to 24. With a total budget of Php 1,209,200.38 for the second semester, the Congress of Louisians approved in plenary the Php 36,450 budget of... Continue Reading →

Kyah Taho

One of Ian Maclaren's famous quotations says to be kind, for everyone we meet is fighting a hard battle. Telling us that we must treat all with kindness and understanding; making our simple actions like smiling an impact in someone’s life; deducing that what is troubling us is not always the end because it may... Continue Reading →

The Timeline of SABM MBT’s Road to Finals

Article and Compilations by: Trisha Joi Campos Quijano, and Josiah De Guzman Bito  ***Special thanks to Grace Ann Soliven Edrada, Mark Anthony Arlegue Alferes, Abegail Nasol Angeles, Rinette Ambrose Dizon Cura, Clarence Arvin Vistro Cacal, and Arianne Kil-o Dalay-on Eliminations Game 1 of 3 vs SCIS – October 11 (Wednesday) Photos by: Christian Cabintoy Benito Eliminations Game... Continue Reading →

2017 SSC elections turnout, 3 percent up

The 2017 Supreme Student Council Elections turnout increased by at least three percent from last year’s turnout of 35 percent. 7, 273 students out of 18, 992 voters exercised their right of suffrage last October 13 poll accounting for 38.4978% of votes. “Kung ating iaanalyze ‘yung actual number of voters, mas mataas last year, mga... Continue Reading →

Commercian leaders officially take charge

Officers took their oaths to serve the School of Accountancy and Business Management (SABM) during the Student Leaders’ Induction and Commissioning 2017 held at Saint Aloysius Gonzaga Church, October 23. Reverend Father Jaime Doctolero called out to the leaders to be the voice of the students through a “burning desire to help others and be... Continue Reading →

Ginez eyes up to five projects this semester

School of Accountancy and Business Management Governor Robert Ginez expects two to five projects to be implemented this semester, Academic Year 2017-2018. Although, the council has limited time in implementing projects for the first semester, they already conducted preliminary talks before the induction on what specific projects to execute. The assembly is looking into projects... Continue Reading →

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