The Dispatcher Lady: The Untold Thousand-mile Journey

You may have already given your pamasahe to her a hundred times. You may have already heard her say, “ Kasya pa lima, marami pang bakante! Lalarga na!” a thousand times, but do you really know her? Do you know her name? Do you know her story? Well, it’s about time for you to ride... Continue Reading →


Onwards to A New Breed of Human Resource Practitioners

February 16- 18, 2018 marked the date that the Human Resource Development Management students of SABM have brought home glory to SLU.   These students, who are at the same time members of the Junior People Management Association of the Philippines-SLU Chapter attended the Annual National Convention of Management Students at Camp Benjamin Alfonso, Cavite. A... Continue Reading →

Guard on Heights

Saint Louis University’s Maryheights Campus is noted for its wide green vicinity and its adorable students and faculty. Who could have guessed that it is also known for its... security guards? Out of all of the guards that are stationed in the school, there is someone in particular who stands out the most. Most of... Continue Reading →

Kyah Taho

One of Ian Maclaren's famous quotations says to be kind, for everyone we meet is fighting a hard battle. Telling us that we must treat all with kindness and understanding; making our simple actions like smiling an impact in someone’s life; deducing that what is troubling us is not always the end because it may... Continue Reading →

Aspiring SABM Governors: Who’s the Bravo Choice?

JOHN ROBERT TACAZON GINEZ John Robert Ginez from Partido Reporma ng mga Mag-aaral ng San Luis - Alliance of Concerned Students (REPORMA-ACS) is fueled to run for the Kataas-taasang Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral / Supreme Student Council School of Accountancy and Business Management assembly’s gubernatorial seat with his primary motivation, “To rediscover what has been lost and make... Continue Reading →

SABM’s Voting Power in the KASAMA/SSC Elections

Understanding the statistics for last year’s first-ever KASAMA/SSC electronic elections may be considered for plans and strategies by the Louisian community for this year’s upcoming KASAMA/SSC elections. The School of Accountancy and Business Management has currently the second biggest population in SLU. Furthermore, it had the highest turnout of votes last 2016 of 46%. Among... Continue Reading →

Miss Baguio 2017: SABM Prides

Last September 17, the thrilling annual event of Miss Baguio’s Grand Coronation Night was held at the Baguio Convention Center, Baguio City. Among the 23 candidates, three of them were SABM students who clinched a crown - being part of the top eight candidates, namely; Ms. Judy-Ann Moreno Caasi, Ms. Divina Marie Ortiz Villanueva, and... Continue Reading →

An Excerpt From ‘Sapientia Aedificat: Tribute to the May 2017 Louisian CPA Board Passers’ Article

Among the May 2017 Louisian CPA passers, there were 15 picked to share their inspirational messages and testimonies. They were: Ms. Kathryn Bianca Acance, Ms. Hannah May Aspuria, Ms. Angeli Malana, Ms. Sherlene Joy Adviento, Mr. Eugenio Aquino, Jr., Ms. Clarisse Policios, Ms. Dina Fe Mapile, Mr. Carlo Terrado, Mr. Eliazar Ecle, Mr. Jeffrey Nonat,... Continue Reading →


“This is something that another topnotcher told me: ‘We have an inherent obligation to inspire.’ This made me realize that when you are a topnotcher, many eyes are looking at you for various reasons and that I should take this chance to light the world in my own little ways, perhaps starting by inspiring them... Continue Reading →

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